My Mission

As an Educator, my mission is to deliver high quality and accessible content to anyone who enjoys the way I present information.  I seek to better the understandings of human anatomy in the yoga and movement communities so that others can implement modern exercise science to empower the mindfulness, awareness, & safety of their classes and personal practices.


As a Doctor of Chiropractic, my mission is to assess the individual needs of my patients.  Using objective data from functional range of motion assessments (FRA) and orthopedic testing I can deliver specific diagnoses and treatment that is also specific to the individual’s anatomy & capacity.   I also employ education in modern pain science, anatomy, pathology, & biomechanics so that my patients understand my clinical reasoning and also are empowered with self-efficacy to take their health into their own hands.


Each person leaves my office with knowledge of their condition & movements, plus exercise “homework.”  My overall aim with each patient is to avoid the dependency that many other manual therapists establish via an abundance of passive therapies and to guide them down a path of wellness & performance in what ever they seek to accomplish.